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We in invite you teachers of the world to Gimhae City!

We invite you, teachers of the world, to Gimhae City !

Beautiful Gimhae is a proud historical region embedded with the splendid culture of Gaya, which Su-ro Kim founded as the capital of the Gaya Kingdom in BC 42.

Gimhae neighbors Busan and Yangsan City to the East, Changwon to the West and the Nak-dong river along side. The city is conveniently located within 30 minutes from Gimhae International Airport, the Port of Busan. The cityalso has easy access to the KTX by way of Gu-po Station and Milyang Station which is less than 30 minutes away.

In addtion, 5 highways and 10 interchanges go through our city. It can be said that Gimhae is the transportation mainstream for sky, sea, and land travel.

Gimhae is an economically centered city of the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula with more than 6,000 companies, placing it second nation wide.

The population is increasing annually and has already exceeded 500,000 residents in 2010. Accordingly the numbers of schools and students are also increasing. The need for teachers is ongoing year after year.

There is a Korean proverb that says "One does not step on a teacher'shadow" which simply translates to "we respect the teachers". We strive to treat our foreign English teachers with the same respect as Korean teachers are given.

We hope that many foreign English teachers come to feel the splendid Geum-gwan Gaya environment and share with up your talents and skills.

The city of Gimhae is bursting with the best educational competitiveness and we warm-heartedly welcome all of you who are filled with the teacher's passion and are up for the challenge.

Thank you!