Introduction of Gimhae

Introduction of Gimhae


Gimhae is located at the southeastern tip of the Korean peninsula. It borders Gangseo-gu, and Changwon on the southwest, and the Nakdonggang River divides Gimhae and Milyang on the north.


Gimhae is located in the temperate zone. It has four seasons which change distinctly. Due to the influence of a coastal climate, Gimhae is the mildest region in Korea and the climate is suitable for human activities. The annual average temperature is about 15℃, and annual average precipitation is 1,200mm, which is similar to that of Korea of 1,274mm and a little higher than that of the world's average of 973mm.


The total area is 463.26㎢, which is about 0.5% of Korea(99,393.81㎢) and 4.4% of the province (10,518.3㎢). It is the 13th largest of 20 cities and counties in the province.