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Message of Native English Teachers

Amiee Eggink Pacific Lutheran University from USA

I had a wonderful experience teaching English in Gimhae. Everyone at City Hall and all the teachers in my school treated me so well and were always willing to help me with anything I needed. It was one of the easiest and most fun jobs I've had, and I hope to come back and work there again. I would recommend the Gimhae program to anyone looking for teaching positions in Korea!

Happy GNET : Davar Broeckert from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Teaching in Gimhae is fun and rewarding. I find the students entertaining to teach. I enjoy longer vacations, higher salary, and a higher standard of teaching than many other teachers in Korea. The success of the program is self evident in its low turn-over rate.

Happy GNET : Robert Rowland JR from Fuller Theological Seminary, USA

The English Program in Gimhae is a great place to start teaching English overseas and Korea is a great place to live. I've felt comfortable here since my arrival and we have a community of Native English teachers here for friendship and support.