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responsibility : All EPIG Native English teachers, regardless of level, will be provided with a settlement allowance of 300,000KRW within 15 days of the first month of their first contract.


  • To assist Korean teachers with their English class(es) and/or jointly conduct English class(es)
  • To prepare teaching materials for English class(es)
  • To assist actively with the development of teaching materials related to English language education
  • To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities within the place of employment
  • To conduct English conversation class(es)/course(s) for Korean teachers, students and local residents
  • To perform other duties as designated by Employer including various English programs during the vacation.
  • To participate in various events including workshops, meetings, field trips held by Gimhae city and Office of Education
The Contract Period

The employment period will be 52 weeks (1 year).

GNET hires according to the public school calendar.
There are positions available for March (first term) and September (second term) of each year.

  • The start date of the contract will coincide with the first Monday after completion of an unpaid orientation(under 7 days) conducted by the Gimhae cityhall
  • The exact dates of the employment period will be recorded on the contract.
  • The foregoing employment period may be renewed by the mutual written agreement of each school's principal and the employee.
  • As early termination of the contract will cause inconvenience to the school as well as the employees, all employees are expected to fulfill the contract term.
  • Employees shall work within eight hours per day, five days per week excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Korean national holidays (about 14 days). Total instructional hours will not exceed 25 hours per week.