What's Co-teaching?

Coteaching : EPIG English Program in Gimhae

The definition of Co-Teaching

Co-teaching is the cooperative planning, sharing of ideas and resources, as well as classroom responsibilities.
It includes the implementation of the cooperative teaching plan to the students.

Effective teaching

Effective teaching has in mind the various needs of the students, being conscious of varying levels of understanding, pronunciation, speaking, writing and listening skills, and the needs for control of student behavior so that all have the opportunity to learn.

When one is teaching, the other needs to be focused on the students' teachability, and give input when necessary. Both teachers need to be very present to the students for control of the classroom and thus, effective teaching. English should be spoken for every teaching component and activity, offering translation when necessary.

If the Korean English teachers model speaking English for the students and make mistakes, the students will know it's okay to make mistakes, as long as they TRY to speak/learn English.
For co-teaching to be fully effective, there needs to be open communication, use of humor, mutual respect, flexible equality, complementation of each other’s strengths, and collaborating on teaching roles.

Purpose of the Co-Teaching Committee

The co-teaching committee is to cooperatively create an effective English program with effective teaching tools, and communicate them to all Korean English Teachers and Native English Teachers. The committee also cooperatively creates and interprets a workable contract for the Native English Teachers to all co-teachers.