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Living in Gimhae

Living in Gimhae


A : Community

  • 1 : Most of the teachers live in these apartments.

B : Bills

  • 1 : Apartment Bill : around 50,000 won a month. Includes electricity, water, maintenance fee.
  • 2 : Gas Bill : Contains heat for water, gas stove, and heating in winter. Check your meter every month and write how much you used on the last day of each month on the sticker by the door.
  • 3 : Payment : Can be paid at Nong-hyup bank next to Trial Mart.

C : Additional Information :

  • 1 : Packages : If you get a big package, the postal worker will usually leave it with the security guard so you don’t have to worry if you are not home.
  • 2 : Recycling and Garbage : are usually out in front of building. Some buildings have 7 days a week, but some only have at limited times. You can only use blue special garbage bags for your trash which you can buy at Trial Mart.